About Us

The Company

MedLevensohn is a distribution company specialized in health and wellness products, which is present throughout all Brazilian territory for over 20 years and currently has the exclusive representation of 14 manufacturers present in five continents. We have own structures in three states of Brazil to cater for all market segments: Public, Hospital and Retail. We have our headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, as well as a regional office in São Paulo and a large distribution center in the city of Serra, Espírito Santo.

In 2015, we started an international export operation of our line of functional cosmetics, Veromed, to the East Coast of the United States of America, where we now have a new office in Doral, Florida.



Create, produce and distribute high quality products and services that improve lives and well-being of people and which assist in preventing chronic diseases within strict ethical, commercial and socially responsible guidelines.


To be recognized for the excellence of our products and services and respect for our customers.

Core Values

Respect, Commitment, Valuing People, Integrated Performance and Social Responsibility.


MedLevensohn's Code of Ethics

¬Ľ Contact our ethics committee: comite.etica@medlevensohn.com.br